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January 2018


Password Security 101

By Password Management

Every day, cyber criminals are on the hunt to break-through security walls and defeat passwords. Yet, a large majority of businesses believe their current defenses are good enough. At Black Label IT, we recommend our clients do everything possible to make their passwords as safe as possible. Read More


Securing your digital footprint: A cyber security journey

By Ransomware

Businesses have every reason to be concerned about rising cyber security threats. Rarely is there a week without a major security crisis topping headlines. Threats today do not have to have advanced technology behind them. In fact, many of the most damaging crisis come from the exploitation of weaknesses inside a business’s network. Read More


Must Know Ransomware Protection for 2018 Cyber Threats

By Ransomware

Did you know that a company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds? It’s true. In fact, ransomware dominates the world of security and has throughout all of 2017. Not only that, while attacks on businesses are increasing, the level of sophistication in distribution of the attacks have grown as well. Compliance mandates further complicate the issue and increase the cost of ransomware attacks. Since no one industry or company size is immune, it’s time to wake up and take notice. Read More