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Businesses have every reason to be concerned about rising cyber security threats. Rarely is there a week without a major security crisis topping headlines. Threats today do not have to have advanced technology behind them. In fact, many of the most damaging crisis come from the exploitation of weaknesses inside a business’s network.

Secure-Your-Digital-FootprintCyber-crime is big business, and with more people and devices connect to the Internet, the threats continue to increase and expand. In fact, the chances of any individual becoming a victim are greater than they’ve ever been. While there are still naysayers who criticize security companies for exaggerating the threat to bring in business, no one can deny the level and amount of attacks are on the rise. It’s time to educate yourself on the real risks of the digital world.

Where are you on your journey?

Understanding where you are at in regard to securing your network from cyber-attacks is an important first step. Trying to run before you walk will undoubtedly waste your time and valuable resources. We believe the cyber security journey for small business owners has four stages: denial, concern, false confidence, and tough lessons.

Denial – “It won’t happen to us.”

The hard and true facts are that any business is a potential target for a cyber-attack. And, no business is too small to get the essential blocks in place. Keeping software up-to-date, having a strong password management strategy, and having regular data backups are all easy ways to protect your business from cyber-crime.

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Concern – “Better get as much security as possible.”

You understand the risks and are ready to get some help. Beware of this stage, however. While it is important to choose technology solutions that make sense for your business, don’t buy everything. Be sure to educate yourself on the right solutions for your business structure and industry. Choosing a partner that is familiar with your industry and can advise you on your short and long-term network management goals is key.

False Confidence – “We’re secure!”

Even though you have identified the right technology solutions and retained a reputable managed service provider, don’t assume you are secure. Company insiders can steal data and defraud you. It is important to have a well-designed network with appropriate permissions and controls. And it is also important to have solid hiring practices assuring the individuals who work for you won’t try to steal from you.

Tough Lessons – “There’s no silver bullet.”

Unfortunately, it is not until you are attacked that you realize cyber-attacks are a part of every business in a digital world. Regardless of the protections you have deployed and the network you have designed, no system is perfect. Be sure to have a cyber-security attack plan in place. This way you can pick up the pieces if and when an attack occurs.

Small business owners must understand that people are at the heart of their security efforts. It’s not just about making your employees aware of threats or teaching them how to avoid attacks. You must understand your people and their behaviors so you can spot the differences.

If you have questions about the security of your network environment. Give the team at Black Label IT a call. We specialize in helping small businesses monitor and manage their IT network as well as mitigate their digital risks.

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