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Every day, cyber criminals are on the hunt to break-through security walls and defeat passwords. Yet, a large majority of businesses believe their current defenses are good enough. At Black Label IT, we recommend our clients do everything possible to make their passwords as safe as possible.

Password-Management-GuideSo, what are the basics of password security? For starters, don’t write them down and post them by your computer. We advise our clients to use strong passwords, rotate them on a regular basis, and have some type of password management tool for storage.

You may ask, what makes a strong password? It doesn’t have to be complex to be secure. Length and character variations are key. Try using short sentences with spaces and numbers or symbols for letters. Not only are they easy to remember, they’re very difficult to break.

Remember, passwords are walls around your IT network. Just like a castle, it doesn’t matter how strong your walls are if the lock can easily be picked. When deployed properly, passwords are pretty darn safe.

For a complete understanding of how to develop and manage passwords, download our Password Management Guide.